About Us

Wellness for Cancer is a registered 501C3 charity and a wellness pioneer for individuals touched by cancer. For 20 years, the charity has been a beacon of hope and change in creating a wellness world that is more inclusive of people touched by cancer.
Recognizing that life does not stop when an individual has cancer, Wellness for Cancer creates live workshops, retreats, and online programs to support individuals living with and beyond cancer. The charity also trains leading wellness properties on how to be Cancer Aware.
Wellness for Cancer has been a valuable industry driver and resource for people whose lives have been touched by cancer in making wellness programs and living well more accessible. Learn more about our programs and services.


ApricityCare is a thoughtfully designed solution for Cancer Patients. It blends a digital easy to access solution with an in person ability to connect with a trained oncology nurse 24/7.  ApricityCare has access to your medical records, and it is as if you had your own private duty RN with you on vacation. 


  • Provides constant monitoring and support for cancer patients during their travels
  • Equipped to manage medication, monitor vital signs, and respond to any changes in condition
  • Offers reassurance and safety for both the patient and their loved ones
  • Allows patients to fully enjoy their travel experience without worrying about potential health concerns
  • Enables timely intervention in case of any medical issues, reducing the risk of complications during the trip. Nursing monitoring also provides a sense of comfort and peace of mind for patients while they are away from home.
  • This service can be especially beneficial for cancer patients who may have weakened immune systems or ongoing treatment schedules that require close attention.

Wellness Travel University and Organic Spa Magazine partnered with Wellness for Cancer to create the first Global Cancer Aware course for Wellness Travel Advisors. The aim of the course is to assist travel advisors’ support their clients touched by cancer with greater confidence. This program will also reach the end consumer to help them find a cancer aware wellness travel advisor as well as to explore locations and activities for their leisure and wellness travel.

Julie Bach, Founder Wellness for Cancer

For over 20 years, Julie has imparted wisdom and connection to bridge the worlds of travel and wellness with the cancer journey. She has spoken at numerous industry and cancer conferences, events, health coaching individuals with cancer, and training wellness facilities around the world. Today, Julie remains committed to creating a wellness culture of acceptance and inclusivity of the life experience of individuals touched by cancer.
Through the programs created for the travel and wellness industry, Julie lives her vision of a world where no one impacted by cancer is turned away at wellness destinations. She pledges to stand with individuals touched by cancer, elevating the voices of unseen people, and demonstrating the way the industry can be more inclusive.

Dr. Singhal, PHD

Surgical Oncologist, Founder Hope and Beauty MD, Medical Director Apricity Care

Dr. Shyamali Mallick Singhal, MD, PhD, is a highly esteemed surgical oncologist who serves as the Medical Director of the Cancer Program at El Camino Hospital and the CEO of Hope and Beauty. With a steadfast commitment to patient care, Dr. Singhal’s expertise spans across multiple areas of oncological surgery, bolstered by her extensive work in managing the side effects of cancer treatment. In addition to her medical pursuits, she spearheads Hope and Beauty, a venture dedicated to providing cancer patients a Prescription for Wellness and products to support the side effects related to treatment that are both safe and effective. Her leadership is marked by her unparalleled medical knowledge, compassionate patient care, and an unwavering dedication to improving the quality of life for those battling cancer.

Adriana Azuara, PHD

Adriana Azuara is the founder and CEO of All4Spas; professor at the University of Tourism; board member of the Latin American Spa Association; and representative of Wellness for Cancer in Mexico and Latin America. Recognized as a leader and trendsetter, Adriana is the creator of Agave Spa and has been involved in over 400 resort spa and wellness projects in Mexico and Latin America.

Sandy Dewez, RN, BSN

Sandy Dewez is a Registered Nurse with a degree in Science of Nursing. She has over 30 + years of experience and is passionate about writing and traveling. Originally from the Netherlands, she has worked for Doctors Without Borders. She has seen many different parts of the world experiencing diverse cultures. She lives in Greenwood, Arkansas, with her husband, animals, orchard, and herb garden. Her keywords in life: Humor, compassion, and humbleness.